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Replacing a Roof with Solar Panels: A Comprehensive Guide

replacing a roof with solar panels

Are you the proud owner of solar panels on your roof and eager to grasp the intricacies of a roof replacement? Worry not! The process of replacing your roof while retaining your solar panels need not be a daunting task. In this informative blog post, we’ll take you through a detailed, step-by-step journey covering the removal of solar panels, roof replacement, and the subsequent reinstallation of your solar panels.

Your Roof’s Age and Lifespan

When contemplating the installation of solar panels, it’s crucial to evaluate whether your existing roof requires any pre-installation attention. You may be curious how you can tell if your roof needs to be replaced.

If your roof is over a decade old or displays signs of structural or cosmetic deterioration, it may be prudent to contemplate a roof replacement prior to solar panel installation. This strategic approach can spare you the future hassle and expense of uninstalling and reinstalling the panels. Moreover, a freshly installed roof can enhance your home’s protection and its overall aesthetic appeal.

Ideally, you should schedule roof replacement or solar panel installation during the dry season. This choice ensures favorable weather conditions for the task at hand. A newer roof boasts superior structural support for solar panels and an extended lifespan, making it an optimal choice for this eco-friendly upgrade.

The Process of Replacing a Roof with Solar Panels

Process of replacing a roof with solar panels

With your roof’s readiness for solar panel installation established, let’s delve into the intricate process of replacing a roof with solar panels. This comprehensive journey encompasses critical phases such as consultation and planning, roof replacement, and the meticulous installation of solar panels. By methodically following these steps, you not only unlock the potential for clean, renewable energy but also fortify your home’s protection.

Consultation and Planning

Embarking on the path to replacing your roof with solar panels starts with engaging a seasoned, roofing company or contractor well-versed in this specialized procedure of installing solar panels. Typically, roofing contractors will work with several different solar installation companies and they can coordinate the solar panel removal for roof repair and subsequent reinstallation. Together, they will assist you in devising a well-thought-out strategy for your roof replacement and solar panel integration, ensuring all essential permits and approvals are secured before work commences.

By joining forces with these seasoned experts, you ensure the safe, efficient execution of your roof replacement and solar panel installation. This collaborative effort ensures strict adherence to local building codes and regulations, preempting potential complications and unforeseen expenses, and ultimately culminating in successful roof replacement and installing solar panels.

Roof Replacement

While selecting roofing materials for your impending new roof replacement, it’s paramount to factor in their compatibility with solar panel installation. Rely on the expertise of your roofing contractor for recommendations on materials that harmonize seamlessly with your solar system.

In cases where your existing roof sports solar panels, a solar company or solar panel contractor will typically take the lead by professionally disassembling the solar panels before the roof replacement begins. This meticulous process ensures the safety of the panels and sets the stage for the subsequent roof replacement.

Reinstalling Solar Panels

Following the successful replacement of your roof, the time has come to affix the solar panels to your new roof. This step entails precise mounting and alignment using mounting hardware. Solar panel mounting is a task best entrusted to skilled solar installation companies and roofing professionals who are well-versed in local building codes and regulations.

With the solar panels installed, these solar installation companies will then interconnect the panels with your home’s electrical system, igniting the generation of clean, renewable energy. With the solar panels in place, you’ll soon relish diminished utility bills, heightened energy self-sufficiency, and a shrunken carbon footprint. All these benefits culminate in the satisfaction of having made a savvy investment in both your dwelling and the environment.

Cost Factors and Financial Considerations

Roof replacements

When it comes to replacing a roof with solar panels, comprehending the associated costs is of paramount importance. The project’s overall expense can fluctuate based on several variables, including labor, materials, and roof dimensions. A firm grasp of these cost elements empowers you to make informed decisions and keep your project well within budget.

Roof Replacement Costs

The cost of roof replacement hinges on labor, materials, and the roof’s size. Material expenses can vary considerably depending on the roofing material you opt for, be it asphalt shingles or metal roofing. Labor costs are contingent on the project’s complexity and the pricing structure of your chosen roofing contractor. Additionally, the dimensions of your roof significantly influence the total cost, with larger roofs demanding more materials and labor.

Solar Panel Removal and Reinstallation Costs

Should your roof replacement involve existing solar panels, it’s imperative to factor in the expenses associated with their removal and subsequent reinstallation. These costs can range from $250 to $1,000 per panel, contingent on various variables, including your home’s location.

By gaining insight into the costs linked to the removal and reinstallation of solar panels, you can make prudent financial decisions and maintain project adherence to your predetermined budget. It’s advisable to consult with your selected solar installation company and roofing contractor to ascertain the most appropriate approach for your specific circumstances.

Choosing the Right Solar Installers and Roofing Professionals

choose the right solar installation company

Knowing what to look for in a roofing company and selecting the appropriate solar installers  is a pivotal determinant of the success of your roof replacement and solar panel installation endeavor. Opting for experienced and reputable professionals ensures that your project unfolds safely, efficiently, and in alignment with local building codes and regulations.

Experience and Credentials

When zeroing in on a solar installer or roofing professional, the focus should be on their experience pertaining to your specific project and their possession of relevant certifications or licenses. A competent solar installer should hold certification from the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) and be well-versed in the guidelines and research from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Additionally, they should boast a minimum of three years of experience, possess at least a high school diploma or equivalent qualification, and hold any state-specific licenses or certifications.

By choosing professionals with the requisite experience, credentials, and certifications, you ensure the precise, secure, and efficient completion of your roof replacement and solar panel installation. This guarantees a successful project, yielding clean, renewable energy and safeguarding your home.

Reviews and Recommendations

Another pivotal consideration in your selection process is the reputation and track record of solar installers and roofing professionals. Perusing online reviews and seeking recommendations from friends, family, and colleagues can lead you to dependable and trustworthy solar companies and experts for your project.

Don’t hesitate to request references from past clients, as this can provide valuable insights into the quality of work and customer service offered by the professionals. By dedicating time to researching the reputations and track records of potential installers and roofing experts, you set the stage for a successful project marked by minimal complications and additional costs.


In conclusion, replacing a roof with solar panels need not be a complex endeavor. Your roofing contractor should be able to collaborate effectively with a solar power installation company to ensure the job is executed accurately and in the correct sequence.

White Leaf Roofing has forged successful collaborations with seasoned solar installation experts on numerous projects, enabling us to extend this valuable service to our esteemed customers. If you happen to reside in Chandler, Gilbert, or Gold Canyon, Arizona, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are ready to provide you with a free roofing estimate for your roof replacement coupled with solar panel installation so you can understand your roof replacement cost in Arizona.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a new roof count toward a tax credit on a solar energy system?

The IRS has clarified that the solar tax credit does not encompass roofing or roof repair costs. Therefore, a new roof does not qualify for a tax credit on a solar energy system. This implies that homeowners are responsible for covering the expenses of a new roof separately and cannot offset these costs using the solar tax credit.

What is the ideal age of a roof for solar panel installation?

For optimal solar panel installation, it is advisable to have a roof that is less than 10 years old and devoid of structural or cosmetic damage. This ensures the roof’s integrity and longevity, providing a stable foundation for the solar panel system.

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