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Meet Andy . . . the Owner and Founder of White Leaf Roofing, Serving Gilbert & the Surrounding Areas

Hey, I’m Andy Johnsonthe proud owner and founder of White Leaf Roofing.

My journey in the roofing industry began during my childhood, working alongside my father who ran a successful contracting business. By the time I turned 18, I had gained comprehensive experience in nearly every aspect of the trade.

Upon establishing my own venture, I made it my mission to distinguish it from the rest. Here’s how I’ve achieved that:

  1. I prioritize personal connection. When you reach out to us via the contact information provided, you’ll speak directly with me.
  2. Our team is streamlined and efficient, allowing us to provide you with the  most competitive and transparent pricing for your roofing project.
    I can beat the price of virtually ALL the big roofing companies WITHOUT cutting corners or using poor-quality materials.
  3. Since I’ve worked in the local industry for over 25 years when I started my own company I got to hand-pick my crew from the best in the industry – they’re all experienced professionals that take pride in their work!

Andy Johnson – ROC #325377


Call or text me at 480-363-2898 or click the button below to get your free roofing estimate in Gilbert today

What White Leaf Roofing Customers Are Saying…

Here are some featured video testimonials and Google reviews from real roofing customers here in Gilbert, Arizona & the surrounding areas.


I can’t recommend them highly enough . . . I’ve recommended them to dozens of friends and neighbors . . . and those who contacted White Leaf are always amazed at the great job that they do.

Kendall Green
Mesa, AZ


Andy was the only one who diagnosed my roof correctly.  He was the most thorough, gave us the most choices, and he was extremely reasonable.

It’s been an excellent experience working with Andy

Joanna Coles 
Chandler, AZ

First let me say I have been a general contractor for 45 yrs and now too old to get up on my roof and work. Andy and his crew are one of THE BEST subs I have worked with in my career and I have worked with a lot. Being in the business for many years I know excellent work when I see it. I highly recommend White Leaf Roofing. My only regret is that I can only give them 5 stars. This is a 10 star company all the way.

I highly recommend White Leaf for any roofing work you require. After getting many quotes, Andy provided the most thorough physical inspection and also gave me multiple options on roofing materials. His price was very fair and there were no issues from start to finish. His crew was polite and conscientious with their work. Definitely give Andy an opportunity before choosing a roofing company! **Note: I had a roof tile come off during a wind storm and Andy replied immediately and had the guys come out at the end of the day to replace it. They also did a walk around to check the status of the rest of the roof while they were here. Very happy with the quality of their work and customer service!

We had a small roof repair we needed done and called around to about 10 different places in the East Valley. They were all 2-3 times more expensive than White Leaf and were going to take a few weeks to get it done. White Leaf came out the next day and charged less! I would recommend White Leaf to anybody. Andy was very professional and easy to work with. He finished all the work while I wasn’t even home.

I have used 3 different roofing companies before Andy's to repair little leaks here and there over the years. Finally we decided to redo the whole roof. I didn't use the other roofers and I also got bids from 4 more different companies but we decided on White Leaf. I couldn't be happier that we did. Not only did they provide quality work in a timely manner but they were also the most reasonable in cost. No nickel and diming with extra costs. In fact, there was a lot of unexpected wood damage that Andy took care of with no extra cost. Unbelievable!! Andy has great customer service. He was always keeping in touch with daily progress, always on time, cleaned up after every day's work and straight up honest with us. In today's world, honesty and integrity speaks volumes. I rarely write reviews but if I do, you must have gone above and beyond to impress me. Andy without a doubt did that. You can not go wrong choosing Andy and White Leaf Roofing.

Andy with White Leaf and his crew were amazing! Price was RIGHT and they actually started the job early and ended early. Very professional and Priced RIGHT! The workers worked so hard and did a great job! Call ANDY for a quote!

I could not have asked for a better experience! I contacted Andy at White Leaf LLC for a roof leak which of course was during a rainstorm. He responded quickly, evaluated the situation and gave his best guess, and said he would return as soon as he could after giving the roof a chance to dry (steep slope and unsafe to walk on wet). Andy returned before the next round of rain and fixed our minor problem before any more damage was done. He was polite, knowledgeable and did what he said he would do when he said he would do it for a VERY reasonable price. Thank you White Leaf LLC for caring about me and my home!

We were concerned about possible tiles on our Roof coming Loose, and our friends had just used White Leaf Roofing LLC and were impressed with Andy's attention to detail. So we called him and he came by as scheduled to inspect our concerns and was on time. He explained to us that our roof, being fifteen years old, seemed in pretty good shape but would need new underlayment in the next five years or if we started having leaks. He did a small repair on a loose tile at that time. We liked his honesty, professionalism, and attention to detail. We asked for extra business cards to hand out to our friends if they need Roofing repair. We will if needed use Andy for any further Roof repairs. Last of all White Leaf Roofing LLC was affordable

Andy and crew did an excellent job with my roof underlayment replacement at a fair price. I got 12 estimates from various roofing companies before I decided on White Leaf LLC. Andy seemed very knowledgeable and did a good job communicating my options. The roofing crew showed up on time, worked hard, and cleaned up after they were done. Andy provided very good communication and customer service throughout the process. I would not hesitate to use White leaf again.

Reluctantly, we were forced to replace our 20 year old roof. We got several bids from both large and small companies, but once we met Andy, I knew he was the one for the job. He offered us several underlayment options, as well as samples for us to compare. I liked that I was able to choose the product and price point that suited our needs. Andy isn’t an owner that sells you a service and that’s the last time you see him either... he was here everyday, ensuring that all our concerns were accommodated and that we were pleased. I really appreciate his customer service and attention to detail. I would highly recommend White Leaf to anyone who is looking for a roofing contractor.

What Makes White Leaf Roofing Different?

Hassle-Free, Personalized Roof Inspection and Quote in Gilbert, AZ

My main goal is to simplify the roofing process, reducing stress and inconvenience for you.

I’m readily available to provide a preliminary estimate for your project via phone call or text message. Once you’re ready, I’ll personally visit your location to conduct a thorough inspection of your existing roof and discuss my findings with you face-to-face.

I’ll provide you with comprehensive information regarding materials, pricing, and available financing options. Importantly, I’m committed to a no-pressure approach; I’m here to offer guidance and answer your inquiries without resorting to sales tactics…

Above all, ensuring that you feel well-informed and confident is my priority.

To begin, feel free to reach out to me via phone or text at 480-363-2898, or simply click here to request your free roofing estimate and consultation online.


Competitive Pricing for Your Project Without Compromising Quality or Cutting Corners

Thanks to the efficiency of my operations, I can minimize costs and pass those savings directly on to you, consistently outperforming larger roofing companies in terms of affordability.

However, I strictly adhere to one principle: never compromising quality for cost-cutting measures. I exclusively offer materials that meet the high standards I would choose for my own home.

For most homeowners, there’s a variety of material options suitable for both flat and tile roofs. Additionally, we offer third-party financing options if needed.

I’ll present all available options to you, empowering you to choose the solution that best fits your needs and preferences.

Explore our rates for roof repair and replacement by clicking here to learn more.

White Leaf Roofing is 5-Star Rated in Gilbert on...

Roofing Services We Provide in Gilbert…


Residential Roof Replacements in Gilbert and Surrounding Areas

When considering a full roof replacement, we thoroughly assess several factors, including the roof’s condition, age, material quality, and the impact of local weather conditions.

To explore the reasons for a roof replacement in more detail, simply click the button below for comprehensive insights and expert guidance.


Residential Roofing Repairs in Gilbert and Surrounding Areas

Not every home requires a full roof replacement. For homes dealing with issues such as roof leaks, hail damage, or other forms of damage, repairs may be sufficient.

If you’re unsure about the most suitable solution for your home, click the button below to learn more about roofing repairs, managing hail damage, and effectively addressing roof issues.

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